Oil Mill / Expeller

Our wide stock Oil Mills/Expeller is specifically designed for crushing groundnut, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower and mustard seeds. After filtration, the quality of oil that is obtained is supreme. All the by-products like residual cake generated from the mills is used as the feedstock for solvent extraction plant. The entire mill is segregated into different section for proper functioning.

The sections include expeller spares, expellers, decordicator, and seed cleaner and filter press. There is also a specially designed expeller for crushing mustard seeds. These expellers are equipped with chilling systems in order to get high grade pungent oil.

We have the techniques that ensure refining of oil to the maximum level. In addition to this, we also offer edible oil processing plants that cover deodorization plant, oil bleaching plant, de-waxing plant, degumming plant, and hydrogenation plant. We are also specialized in offering turnkey projects for oil refining and related processes.


  • Oil Milling Machineries

  • Preparatory Section For Soya, Sunflower, Rapeseed, Rice-Bran

  • Expender System

  • Solvent Extraction Plants

  • Meal Conditioning Section

  • Effulunt Treatment Plant

  • Continuous Acid / Water Degumming

  • Continuous Deodorising Plant

  • Continuous Bleaching Plant

  • Physical Refining Plant

  • Acid Oil Plants

  • Services & Repair of Centrifuges

We Design Supply & Install

  • Continuous Solvent Extraction Plant.

  • Continuous Refinery.

  • Batch Refinery.

  • Cattle Feed Plant.

  • Pressure Vessel, Heavy Structure Fabrication and Consultancy.